Formula 1®
Like never beforeXX JUL 2020 - XX AUG 2020

Get close to the action. Close enough to hear the sound of roaring engines. Close enough to feel your pulse racing as you witness the adrenaline fuelled trackside action. Close enough to appreciate the pure majesty of the occasion. All our packages come with unbelievable circuit views, delicious food, drink options and an abundance of race day excitement.

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Package Location Atmosphere Food & Beverage Entertainment  
Trackside £135 excl. VAT Track Friendly, relaxed and fun for all the family Street food-inspired dishes, pop-up food stalls and a wide selection of wine, beer and soft drinks Situated close to the Entertainment Zone and personal Silverstone radio Discover More
Heritage Club £155 excl. VAT Track Soak up the history in an exclusive yet relaxed setting Enjoy traditional British favourites featuring the best of British artisanal produce with locally sourced ingredients Personal Silverstone radio Discover More
Legends Club £185 excl. VAT Track Pulse racing, close to the action and a celebration of the glory days Classic all day menu featuring the Best of British artisanal produce Track / screen views / personal Silverstone radio Discover More
Ignition Club £215 excl. VAT Track Nail-biting, exciting vibe in our exclusive bar Premium bar service and an extensive menu celebrating the fusion of modern British cuisine Live entertainment and guest speakers from the world of motorsport through the years Discover More
Fusion Lounge £225 excl. VAT Track A luxurious yet vibrant party atmosphere celebrating the beauty, form and speed of F1® A showcase of the finest in British cuisine plus a complimentary premium bar including champagne and cocktails Live entertainment, F1® simulators and access to the Race Day Terrace After Party, with guest appearances Discover More
Apex House £425 excl. VAT Track Exclusive luxury environment for the highest quality experience A la carte dining by exclusive celebrity chef, including free flowing, hand-picked champagne and wine Live entertainment, guest speakers appearances from the legends of motorsports and access to the Race Day After Party Discover More
Paddock Club™ £640 excl. VAT Track A luxurious experience directly above the start/finish line Gourmet world dining with fine wines and an all-day champagne bar Live entertainment and driver's appearances Discover More

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